4 Days Post-Op Update!

So, I'm 4 days out of ACL Repair Surgery and knee-deep in the rehab process. They had me in my 1st PT session less than 24 hours out of surgery!!

My 4 exercises are:

Quad Sets - tightening quad muscles with legs outstretched. 
Quad Raises- raising straight leg to the height of opposite knee. 
Calf Stretches - pulling back foot with straight leg. 
Heel Slides - pull heel toward butt using a strap. 

Here is my improvised Heel Slide DIY:

Using my kids' roll-up sled as a smooth surface and a yoga strap, I can get good glide as I pull my heel back to get a 90 degree bend. Improvisational PT equipment!!


Tutorial Tuesday!

Tangy Sesame Chicken Wings:

These Tangy Sesame Chicken Wings, with their Asian flair, are my go-to game day and party appetizer recipe! Everyone always raves about them, and they disappear quickly! YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE!

Heart Bath Bombs:

Mix up these sensual scented homemade bath bombs for Valentine's Day. Drop one in the bath for a luxurious soak that will leave your skin moisturized and fragrant. #CelebrationsOfHome 

Stay warm this winter with this simple, healthy, vegan, hot chocolate packed with protein and no added sugar. Only 5 ingredients! www.pancakewarriors.com

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Weekend Update and Giveaway!

Business is good!! The Big Guy and I have planned his 50th birthday trip to our happy place, Key West, for April and I had enough money in my Rodan + Fields account to pay for the plane tickets!!!

I know this might sound small to some of you, but I get such joy from being able to provide things for our family and for my hubs who works hard every day to provide for all of US! I love that feeling of independence.  So, now I'm saving up my next paycheck to buy him a day of "flats fishing" while we're there. Squeeeeee!!!!

I have grown my business over the last 4 months or so to 27 customers by washing my face and talking about it, posting on facebook and instagram, and reaching out via email and text message. This new business has really been a blessing so far.

A lot of people have been asking me about my paychecks...I'll just start from the beginning and show you the progression of the last 4 months:

December was a little slow due to the holiday but I have picked right back up in January so far. I'm rollin'!

I'm still using the Reverse Regimen for my own skin and incorporated the Accelerator Pack for my stubborn age spots along with the Macro-Exfoliator. An added bonus was the decreased appearance of my laugh lines! Who knew?? (scroll down for a giveaway!)

Here is my new favorite R+F story for this month - Jamie has been so successful and is such an inspiration to me in my business!

If you have any questions about this business please don't hesitate to email me hopestudios1(at)gmail(dot)com 

If you have any interest in these skin products contact me! I would love to give you a free skin consultation and send you some samples of some of my favorite products!

If you can connect me with someone who might benefit from this business or products let me know and I will send you a little something as a thank you. :)

Did you make it to the end of this post to learn about the giveaway?  Do you also have expression lines either around your mouth like me, on your forehead, between your eyes, or crow's feet?  We have a product called Acute Care - "a wrinkle reducing patch" that can reduce your expression lines after 4 weeks. No needles! Think of it as a needle-free botox!

I have 5 samples for the first 5 comments on this post. I'll pop one in the mail to you so you can try it for yourself!  Check out one of the overnight before and afters I have collected from people who have tried a sample:

Good luck!


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