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Hey, Bob Vila...I love you.

I grew up without cable TV, so a few grainy network stations and crystal clear PBS were the only channels we had.  Back in those days I loved watching old reruns of Dark Shadows, Star Trek, and This Old House on PBS.  Bob Vila was one of the pioneers of home improvement TV.

These days, Bob has embraced the age of technology and has his own website called BobVila.com .  It's filled with all the great stuff Bob Vila is known for plus little extras like interior design, lawn and garden tips, travel suggestions, and much more.

Imagine my excitement when I was contacted a few weeks ago to contribute a feature to the website!  He has a new feature called Genius! and they shared The World's Largest Slip and Slide in the Genius! section.  You can check it out here!

Thanks, Bob...I love you, man.


Stinky Sports Gloves

My son's football gloves REEEEEK when he gets into the car after practice.  It's a horrible sour, stinky smell that could be a weapon of war.

It doesn't help that he usually strips them off all sweaty and stuffs them into his helmet after practice to sit there until the next night.  Soon the smell is all through his helmet and all over his face after a few days.

I try to keep on top of it during the week and pull his gloves out of his helmet, rinse them under water and stuff rolled up newspapers into the bottom.  Prop up with his water bottle and cooler so we don't forget them the next day. (warning: the kids will playfully arrange the fingers to make several rude gestures when you are not looking!)

For a super stinky pair that has been hanging out for awhile, I turn them inside out and really scrub the inside, then flip them to dry normally.  After they are dry, I fill them with baking soda and let sit overnight.  Pour out soda and wear as usual.

For SUPER SUPER smelly gloves, pour in some vinegar to let them fizz up after sitting overnight, then rinse and dry with the newspaper. This is a 2 day process with all the rinsing and drying but well worth it.


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